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Arcana Rising circle C01 - narrowMuch of what makes Dungeons & Dragons fun is magic. Magic makes the impossible possible and in most D&D games and especially Forgotten Realms games, magic, while not common is known. What happens to the world when magic starts behaving erratically? In Arcana Rising we will show what happens and you dear adventurers will tell us how you dealt with it, how it effected you, and how you succeeded or failed to control it.


The Arcana Rising Saga consists of two story arcs. The first is the Adventure Saga and the second is the Convention Saga. The Adventure Saga will be released monthly (starting in April 2016) and will consist of 5 adventures. These adventures will be released on the Dungeon Masters Guild marketplace. The adventures do not have to be played in direct succession since there’s not enough XP to get you from AR01-AR05, you’ll need to supplement with other adventures,spread out the AR adventures and include them when they make most sense in your campaign.

The Convention Saga (AR06-AR10) will premiere all at once at the Arcana Rising convention during the weekend of November 2-6th, 2016. After they premiere they’ll be released on the Dungeon Master’s Guild for general purchase.

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If you’re interested in these adventures there are three ways to get them.

  1. Become an Adventure Patron for the first 5 adventures and help us make these adventures high-quality with additional art, layout and editing services. (adventures fulfilled through the DMsGuild)
  2. Become a Convention Patron to receive all 10 adventures and immerse yourself in a 5 day con with 3 full days of gaming and delve into the Forgotten Realms. (adventures fulfilled through the DMsGuild)
  3. Purchase them on the DMsGuild after they’re released to the public.
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Arcana Rising Wild Lightning Saga

AR01 Wild Arcana

Near the village of Alonsphar magic has been acting strangely. Spells, potions, items, locations, and even people have erupted with odd magical effects. What is causing this wild arcana? A series of 5, 1 hour adventures for characters of levels 1-4.

AR02 Dangerous Arcana

Whether on accident or on purpose, a wizard has created magic that acts on its own. Now that wizard is dead and his rogue spells are causing chaos. Can you stop his dangerous arcana? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 1-4.

AR03 Dire Arcana

A company of Wild Lightning imbued mercenaries has overtaken a town and begun questioning the townsfolk. Rumors tell of a magical spring in the area that shows the future. Can you find the spring before the mercenaries pervert it and release their dire arcana upon the region? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR04 Bloody Arcana

Rumors tell of a strange lightning beast that stalks the countryside devouring magic. Out of nowhere local villagers begin displaying magical gifts which draws the attention of the arcane beast. Can you stop it before it feasts on the magic of the villagers? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR05 Awakened Arcana

Depending on who you ask the wizard Random is often called a genius or a lunatic, although usually it’s both. With the Lightning Cabal at his command Random threatens the nature of magic across Faerun by awakening spells. Can you stop this mad wizard and his awakened arcana? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

Arcana Rising Halruaa Saga

AR06 Devious Arcana

Across Faerun the Wild Lightning malady has caused havoc, spreading faster than it can be cured. A plot to infiltrate kingdoms and organizations with awakened spells threatens to tear apart the fabric of civilization across the continent. Can you stop this devious arcana? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR07 Malevolent Arcana - Interactive

The Lightning Cabal and their spell minions have taken over Talathgard, the fortress that defends the high temple of Mystra in Halruaa. From behind Talathgard’s fortification they send legions of Wild Lightning tainted spellswords to take over Halruaa. Can you overtake the Lightning Cabal and their malevolent arcana? A multi-table 4 hour interactive adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR08 Insidious Arcana

Awakened spells have spread into Halruaa, a kingdom of magic. The Lightning Cabal angles to use these sentient spells to harness the Wild Lightning and overtake the Council of Elders. Can you prevent the spread of this insidious arcana? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR09 Temporal Arcana

In a forgotten tomb complex the wizard Random and the Lightning Cabal prepare a ritual that promises to put all of the magical power of Halruaa into their hands. It may be too late to stop them, but with powerful wizards at your side there’s no such thing as “too late”. Can you use temporal arcana to travel through time and stop Random? A 4 hour adventure for characters of levels 5-10.

AR10 Catastrophic Arcana - Interactive

In a final bid to control the Wild Lightning the Lightning Cabal attempts to elevate the wizard Random in to a god of wild magic. To do so they must drain the magic of Halruaa and channel it into their messiah. Can your heroes divert this catastrophic arcana? A multi-table 4 hour interactive adventure for characters of levels 5-10.