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Arcana Rising is a small design studio working on creating two related 5 adventure story arcs. In addition we’re working on an immersive convention the likes of which have never been seen before in the gaming world. To do all of this at the quality we want and need, we need your help. You appreciate role-playing games and their immersive quality. We want to bring that to a wide audience and show what these types of games can be like, but we can only do that with your help, your support, and your patronage.

The Arcana Rising Saga consists of two story arcs. The first is the Wild Lightning Saga and the second is the Halruaa (Convention) Saga.

Adventure Patron

Much of what makes Dungeons & Dragons fun is magic. Magic makes the impossible possible and in most D&D games and especially Forgotten Realms games, magic, while not common is known. What happens to the world when magic starts behaving erratically? In Arcana Rising we will show what happens and you dear adventurers will tell us how you dealt with it, how it effected you, and how you succeeded or failed to control it.

The Wild Lightning Saga will be released monthly (starting in April 2016) and will consist of 5 adventures. These adventures will be released on the Dungeon Masters Guild marketplace. The adventures do not have to be played in direct succession since there’s not enough XP to get you from AR01-AR05, you’ll need to supplement with other adventures. Spread out the AR adventures and include them when they make most sense in your campaign.

Details on Patronage for the Wild Lightning Saga to come soon. For now you can read the adventure blurbs on the Adventure Sagas page and sign up to get notified when the adventure patronage goes live below.

Arcana Rising Convention

The Arcana Rising Convention is a 5 day convention at the Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado. November 2-6th, 2016.

During the all inclusive 5 day convention in which participants will experience a saga of magic gone awry in multiple events at a beautiful castle setting near Denver, Colorado. The core of the convention is a five adventure story arc called the Halruaa Saga played using the Dungeons & Dragons rules set in the Forgotten Realms. When not directly playing D&D (at a 5 person table for most events), participants will have choices of several story related events hosted by our experienced DMs, professional rpg designers (current and former Wizards of the Coast Staff) and other industry veterans. As part of the all inclusive aspects of the convention guests will have catered meals every day including two Tavern Night events with live music and special performances.

Convention Saga Patron Package $2,250-$3,000

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