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Convention Saga Patron Package


The Arcana Rising Convention is a 5 day convention at the Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado. November 2-6th, 2016

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Product Description

See the Arcana Rising Convention Page for further details about the convention.

This all inclusive* convention will feature:

  • Entertaining professional Dungeon Masters to guide you through 5 epic adventures (3 single table adventures and 2 -10 table interactives) and “Side-Quests” story associated puzzles, scavenger hunts, storytelling sessions, and other non-game activities
  • Two Tavern Nights which will feature entertainment, including the Bards of Greyhawk and the Dork! Improv Comedy Troupe
  • Convention mementos including, but not be limited to, custom dice, poster map of Halruaa, Arcana Rising Notebook and choice of (magic scroll case, spellbook notebook cover, conquest trophy), bottled lightning (by the Czar of Happiness Props) (specifics to come with choice of mementos).
    • Upgrade to artifact level mementos, get the convention mementos plus an Arcana Rising Amber D20 and display quality prop, your choice of wand, spellbook, or conquest trophy. (+$500).
  • Shared 2-queen bed room included. Room with a friend (notify us of your roommates name during checkout or we will assign you a new friend).
    • Upgrade to a Private room with King sized bed (+$250)
  • Transportation to and from the airport in a private coach
  • Transportation to and from the castle in a private coach
  • Dinner upon arrival, 3 catered meals a day, brunch on the final day. Please notify us of special dietary needs and allergies during checkout. (specifics to come with choice of dishes for some meals)
  • All 5 of the Arcana Rising Wild Lightning Saga adventures in pdf**
  • All 5 of the Arcana Rising Halruaa Saga adventures in pdf** (premiering at the convention)


  • Payments accepted by Paypal (subject to 3% transaction fee) or Check

* Alcohol and travel to and from Denver not included

**To be delivered through DMsGuild.com

Additional Information

Hotel Room

Shared room with 2 queen beds, Private room with King sized bed (+$250 upgrade)

Meal Preferences

None, Vegan, Vegetarian, Other (leave details on checkout)

Convention Mementos

Treasure Chest Level (standard), Artifact Hoard Level (+$500 upgrade)


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